Sunday, August 31, 2014

Living in the Playground of Kate Middleton: A 3 Month Update

I am closing in on the half way point of my trip and it has been admittedly different then expected. We often think of research, myself included, only in terms of its most successful endeavors. What is reported in scholarly journals and famous scientist's pages on wikipedia are only the most glittering of their achievements. What is rarely if ever mentioned are the years of failures, flops, and head-to-desk banging that occurred. Research IS failure. Don't let anyone tell you any differently. After only three months here I can tell you the best researchers are not the smartest, wittiest, or most proficient at using overpriced equipment (although a combination of these things does help). It is those who have an immeasurable level of perseverance and will.  The successful researcher is the person who, at the end of an often 10+ hour day, says to himself, "Today, I learned what not to do and tomorrow maybe, just maybe, I will determine the correct way."

The following are a varied selection of photos I have taken the last three months. 

The Lab

The crab aquarium.

Snail laying eggs.
Cancer pagurus or the edible crab.
Crabs are labeled for easy identification when they are weighed and measured. 

Woohoo, World Cup!

The day the earth stood still. 

The most Posh Housing Option at the Uni.

Built to house the Spanish Mistress of a wealthy man.

Two Thumbs Up for Great People and Even Better Cake.

Car Show in Beverly

Bempton Cliffs

Field Collection: Wales

1. Scrape the sea wall with a garden hoe with an attached mesh bag.
2. Fill the tray with the scrapings. 
3. Sort.

Sometimes you get something so amazing it simply takes your breath away.

Field Collection: Bridlington and Whitby

Ciaran, a former Crab Lab Member, Comes for a Visit

Le Tour de France Made it to England and it was just about as Spectacular as my Mother's Banana Bread

The title says it all. The hype was well worth the wait. Enjoy the pictures.